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EAT SEASONALLY to support optimal immunity.

nettle pesto

All delicious things are wild and free! I have been busy making wild pesto with nettles, wild garlic leaves, and dandelion leaves, all of which are in season now, and are wonderful foods to support seasonal spring cleaning. Spring is a time of renewal and energy and liver cleansing plants and herbs are springing up everywhere. Nettle, garlic, and dandelion all support the liver to rid the body of toxins. Nettles are also a natural anti-histamine and so great for preventing hay fever symptoms, which more and more people are suffering from these days. I drink nettle tea at this time of year daily. I used to suffer terribly but now I get mild if any symptoms at all. An anti-inflammatory diet will also reduce symptoms. Eating foods in season and with natures cycles provides our bodies with the correct nutrients to support the body at that time of year, and builds our reserves for optimum health and vitality. Many people have lost the ability to intuitively eat with the changing seasons due to the endless supply of produce all year round in supermarkets. If you nourish your body with different vegetables, fruits, and herbs, you will optimise your immunity, digestion and energy all year round. To find out more about the benefits of eating seasonally and to find out whats in season now follow these links,

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