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                                                                                                               NUTRITIONAL THERAPY  


Nutritional Therapy integrates nutrition and lifestyle to mobilise the body's ability to self heal and regenerate.


A one-to-one consultation allows for individual analysis of symptoms, personal health goals, genetic predispositions, and lifestyle/dietary habits.


  Plant a Seed 

 £295.00  (2 months)

* Fees do not include supplements and functional lab tests.

> 90 minute consultation. (virtual)

>  Health assessment to include symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle.

> Personalised Nutrition + lifestyle Plan based on health goals.

> 1 x 60 mins follow up consultation.

> Nutraceutical recommendations.

> 2 Skype catch ups (15mins)

> Email support in-between consultations.

> 10% discount on nutritionist approved supplements.

> Therapeutic recipes to include functional foods that support health and bring the body back in to equilibrium.


To Get Started:

> Email me via the link below or directly at to set up a free 10 minute telephone call to discuss your health concerns/goals.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and sign up to my monthly newsletter to get the latest research on nutrition related topics, recipes and food growing tips

Green Goodness


..............The Guidance You Need...............


Build a strong foundation + Live your best self

       £695.00  (6 months)


The complete wellness package offers a specialised service that puts individuals on the right track to achieving their personal health goals. Be that gut, immunity, skin, fertility.


For those ready to dig deep, lay down roots, and make a commitment to living their best self. For those working with long standing pre-existing conditions looking to find out the root cause. To work towards long term health outcomes.

First we lay the foundations through working with the 5 pillars of health including using food as medicine, and then we build on this through personalisation to achieve long lasting optimal health and vitality. 


> A commitment of 4-6 months together.

> Initial discovery call (15 mins)

> 90 min initial consultation

> Four follow up consultations every 6-8 wks to discuss progress and next steps in your plan. (45 mins)

> Bespoke personalised nutritional plan.

> Health coaching to include nutrition and lifestyle advice.

> Personalised therapeutic nutritional recipes to support your health goals.

> Access to functional medicine tests to help us get to the root cause and assess drivers of symptoms.

> Interpretation of test results.

> Ongoing email support in between booked consultations.

> Fortnightly food diary analysis.

> 10% discount on nutrition approved supplements.

Whatever your current health goals are, Katie carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalised plan based on your specific needs. 


Follow up individual sessions for existing clients.

£110  (60 mins.) 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions and sign up to my monthly newsletter to get the latest research on nutrition related topics, recipe ideas and nutrition hacks for optimum health and vitality.


For more information about the following programmes please get in touch.

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